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A New Diamond Select Toys Miscellaneous Q&A
Jay Cochran - May 24, 2010

DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on miscellaneous questions. Check out the entire Q&A below:

Edward Hellman
Will we see marvel select versions of Whiplash and Black Widow based off their Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johannson likenesses? Say YES!

DSTChuck: Edward I am sorry but with the limited number of releases that we do in the Marvel Select line , we had to just focus on a couple characters from the movie. I will tell you for SURE we really wanted to do a Vanko figure.

Jason Davison
Im sure this has been asked before, but what are the chances of a Iceman or Gambit Marvel Select figure? Your display base for Iceman alone would be fantastic. They are two more popular figures so I would imagine they would sell real well.

DSTChuck: Neither are in the next couple of releases but both have been and are always considered.

Old McDonald
Hi, I really like your Marvel Select line. I especially like the various bases you include with the action figures. I have been disappointed in the past when companies quit making their products before completing a series. Can you give us an idea how long the Marvel line will last? Will we see at least one of each character per group such as the Fantastic Four? Also, will you be getting the DC comics lineup in the future for similar size action figures. Id love to see the classic Legion of Super Heroes or the Justice League of America come out. Keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Weve already done more Marvel figures then I think we had ever dared hope. Well keep doing these as long as Marvel lets us! Im not sure well get to do all the members of the FF but you never know. Wed love to do a DC line but thats just not in the cards right now.

Nick Hasik
Hello!:) My question is very simple - I am a huge Samuel L. Jackson fan and there hasnt been a decent figure of any of his characters forwell never! ..ok, maybe one Mace Windu or The Octopus from Hot Toys, but now that he made a great character of Nick Fury - straight from the comic book as he was the model for the new Ultimate Iron Man - is there a chance we could expect a movie Nick Fury action figure from the Marvel Select line?? Thank you in advance! All best from Poland!

DSTChuck: We did a very cool Ultimate Nick Fury bust a few years ago and we did a Minimate in the AFX box set this year but no plans for a Select figure - maybe when the Avengers movie comes out!

James White
Any love planned for Omega Red in the Marvel Select line? I have another question for you. I have visited several sites and am seeing that a few of the UQS Star Wars figures are now showing as canceled. Tatooine Han, Tatooine Luke, and Ep III Obi Wan. Is it true? Have these been canceled? Will we see Darth Vader in March? Please dont tell me the UQS Star Wars line is dying already?

DSTChuck: Weve considered Omega Red but I think hes a long shot to be honest with you. While the sales on the UQS have been less then we had hoped we are still working on the Ep3 Obi Wan and Ep 1 Han those will come out, from there well see where things go.

June Kramer
Hi are you planning to do action figures from the back to the future trilogy? I think this would be great. I am a huge fan of Michael j fox and Christopher lloyd. I like the minimates that you have done for the series. And the deloreans and prop replicas look almost like the real thing.

DSTChuck: AS of now neither Mr. Fox or Mr. Lloyd allow their likeness to be used in merchandise for the movie,. If that ever changes wed love a chance to make figures.

Justin Hyman
I cant wait to see the back to the future mark III delorean time machine 1/15 scale please tell me what is final box going to look like

DSTChuck: Ill be sure to have the graphics folks shoot the box when it comes in and post it on the Blog.

Keith Marshall
Your Star Trek original series phaser is so well made and popular, have you considered making a Lost in Space laser pistol, with light and original sound effects? Im sure it would be popular with fans of both series. Thank you.

DSTChuck: We have looked at other iconic props from older shows and while there is nothing in the works its something we have considered.


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